Who invented vue?

Vue is an open-source JavaScript framework crafted by Evan You. It is used to construct and manage user interfaces, such as single-page applications, and has achieved fame for its simplicity and flexibility. Yet, who created this powerful tool? Let’s explore the history of Vue and its inventor.

The Genesis of Vue

Vue was designed by Evan You, a former Google employee. He had been functioning on AngularJS, but he desired to create something simpler and more lightweight. In 2014, he released the first version of Vue, which was established on a JavaScript library known as Knockout.js. Since then, Vue has grown into a potent framework that is used by developers all over the world.

Evan You

Evan You is a software engineer from China. He began his career at Google, where he worked on AngularJS for two years. After leaving Google, he decided to craft his own framework and Vue was born. Since then, he has become the face of Vue and has been actively involved in its development.

The Evolution of Vue

Since its launch in 2014, Vue has grown in popularity and is now used by some of the world’s biggest companies. It has also become the most starred JavaScript framework on GitHub. Over the years, Vue has gone through several major updates, with the most recent version released in late 2020. These updates have added new features and enhanced the overall performance of the framework.


Vue was created by Evan You, a former Google employee, in 2014. Since then, it has grown into a powerful framework that is used by developers all over the world. Evan has been actively involved in its development and has led Vue to become one of the most appreciated JavaScript frameworks available.

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