Is Next JS free to use?

Next.js is a powerful and easy-to-use open-source React framework that makes it simple to create fast, server-rendered React applications. It comes with a number of features and benefits that make developing React applications faster and more efficient, such as automatic code splitting, hot reloading, and more. Additionally, it provides a plugin system that allows developers to extend the functionality of the framework. Best of all, Next.js is free to use, and there are no licensing or subscription fees associated with it.

Using Next.js can provide a number of advantages. It is easy to set up and get started, and it is optimized for server-side rendering, which can help ensure content is quickly served to users. Additionally, it offers great scalability and performance, as well as great SEO capabilities. So, if you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily create React applications, then Next.js is a great option.