Is Next.js built on top of Nodejs?

The short answer is yes – Next.js is indeed built on top of Node.js. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that enables developers to build applications and services on the server-side, and Next.js leverages this technology to provide a powerful and flexible framework for developing React applications.

Node.js provides developers with an environment that is well-suited for developing server-side applications. It enables developers to write code using JavaScript and run it on a server. Node.js is based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, which makes it fast and efficient. Next.js takes advantage of Node.js to provide developers with an easy way to create React applications. It also allows developers to write code in TypeScript, which is a typed superset of JavaScript, and provides developers with a host of other features and tools.

Overall, Next.js is an excellent choice for developers looking to create powerful and dynamic React applications. It is built on top of Node.js, which makes it fast and efficient, and it provides developers with a wealth of features and tools that make developing with Next.js easy and enjoyable.